Fluxus Artist,Medievalist, composer and producer.  Studied philosophy at Belgrade University, specialized in Aesthetic and Philosophy of Middle Ages. He explores various techniques of playing percussions, Medieval and Oriental (drum, pipe and tabor, tombak, darabukka, riqq, castanets, bendir, davoul or tapan, etc.).  Because of the importance of voice in Medieval culture,  he focused on authenticity of vocal interpretation in Pythagorean tuning scale. Guided with this interest, he starts to explore microtonal music, from Antique to Contemporary music. He performed at many Medieval festivals in Italy (Ravenna Dantesco, Gubbio  Arte Medievale, Musica Cortese Gorizia, San Gimignano historical festival...), Croatia, Greece, Austria and at many festivals and concerts in Serbia (Guitar Art, Belef, International review of composers, April Meetings, Ginger Ensemble/CH ...). He cooperate with famos harpsichord player Smiljka Isakovic.

 Cooperated in specific performances in National Opera and Theatre, Atelje 212,  Terazije Theatre ... 

As a scholar, he participated in two international symposiums in Belgrade:
“Old, rare and art book – past, present and future” (Belgrade city Library)
“Development of astronomy among Serbs” (Astronomy society “Rudjer Boškovic")
Audio and video documentation:
*Radio Belgrade archive - recorded the first musicological study of rhythms on the Balkans written by Miodrag Vasiljevic; Sephardic and  
  Serbian traditional music.  
*Radio Television Vojvodina - recorded a TV serial about musical instruments from Middle Ages to Baroque (6 episodes).
*National Broadcast of Serbia - music for movie “Hristos voskrese”, documentary about “Monastery of Krušedol”, and in a few serials. 

Founder and Artistic director of Medieval ensemble "Ludus Musicus"

Founder of experimental theatre "Freak Out"

Founder of fluxus ensemble "A Swarm of Cherries" (Roj Trešanja)                                                                      

He work as an independent artist , and is a member of Association of the Music Artists of Serbia (UMUS).

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