"Freak Out" Theater

Theater based on an old, Medieval, principles, putting all area of Antique muses on one stage. Experimenting with space, music, sounds, audience, lights also with poetry and texts. This create a unique theatrical experience. Without amplifier, pure acoustic balance allow us to play with space and sound sources.

Roj Trešanja (A swarm of Cherries)

Experimental acoustic and FLUXUS ensemble.
Aleksandra Bengin : cello
Tomislav Mar(i)janovic : viol, kaval, clarinet, vocal, baglama
Sasa Tomasovic : drone guitar, percussion
Andrija Sagic - recorders, vocal, baglama, clarinet, percussion, composer, director
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Medieval ensemble "Ludus Musicus"

This research project explores an authentic interpretation of Medieval Music. Programs for concerts or Medieval spectacle results from a long and precise researches of Philosophy, Aesthetic, Texts and Melodies. The differences between periods and areas are an important part of performance preparation in Pythagorean tuning system.  official site

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